• Aerial Inspection
    Aerial Inspection

    Our Services Aerial Inspections

    VertiworX can conduct safe, expert aerial inspections over a wide range of industrial applications, including power lines, bridges, wind turbines, buildings and infrastructure.

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  • Aerial Surveys
    Aerial Surveys

    Our Services Aerial Surveys

    VertiworX can provide detailed and accurate data and imagery to meet the most challenging survey requirements for construction and civil engineering projects, landfill and quarrying sites, route planning and environmental studies.

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  • Aerial Media
    Aerial Media

    Our Services Aerial Media

    VertiworX specialises in high quality aerial photography and videography to meet the demands of private, corporate and public sector clients, film and production companies.

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Fully qualified
Specialist Aerial Imaging Company

VertiworX is a specialist aerial inspection, surveying and filming company, fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Our UAVs incorporate latest technologies and imaging systems to carry out safe, professionally managed aerial assignments for a wide range of industries, including the oil, gas, petrochemical, utility, construction and civil engineering sectors.

What we do

VertiworX manage all aspects of the process to conduct aerial inspection, surveying, filming and photographic work, including:

  • Licence & Permission
  • Safety & Planning
  • Data & Image Processing
  • Editing & Production

Why choose us?

Our unique blend of experience, skills and professionalism and our commitment to deliver imagery of the highest quality sets us apart from other aerial operators.

Our approach, level of service and understanding of the operational challenges involved in conducting aerial inspections, surveys and photography means that even the most complex task can be carried out without compromising safety or quality.

Our competitive rates ensure assignments can be carried out cost-effectively. Fully itemised quotations are provided to ensure projects can be completed on time and on budget.

Data Capture

VertiworX utilises state of the art data capture and imaging software to support the full range of user requirements.


Our software provides the flexibility to process imagery and data in a variety of formats.


Our robust and versatile aerial equipment meets the highest standards of safety.


Our photographic, video and thermal imaging systems ensure stunning visual quality.

Our integrated aerial systems use professional grade cameras to provide unprecedented stability and image quality.